Army West Point Football Gameday Experience

Located on the banks of the Hudson, Michie Stadium has been the home to Unite States Military Academy’s football team -- the Army West Point Black Knights -- since 1924. Ranked as one of the top 10 college sports venues in the country according to Sports Illustrated, fans from all across America have come to cheer on one of our nation’s service academies. If you’ve never attended a game at West Point, we have all the info to plan out your day.

Parking: It is important to know before heading to a game that all adults need photo identification to enter West Point. A current driver’s license or passport will suffice. It is highly recommended that you purchase parking ahead of time. West Point has three main entry ways via car on gameday. The Thayer Gate, located at 674 Thayer Road, will be your entryway if you have a green parking pass. The Stony Lonesome Gate, located at 1 Stony Lonesome Road, will be your entryway for all Red passes. The Washington Gate, located at 917 Washington Road, will be your entrance for all Blue and Gold passes. If you arrive to West Point without a parking pass you are required to drive to the Washington Gate entrance, where you will be charged a fee for day of game parking. There are buses that operate on gameday that help you get to and from your parking lot if you don’t prefer the walk to the stadium. Just keep in mind your parking pass color code so you know which bus route to take.

Seating: Michie Stadium used to hold near 40,000 seats in the early 2000’s, but with the addition of the Hoffman press box as well as other stadium improvements, the venue’s capacity has decreased to around 38,000. With the exception of the Superintendent’s Loge Box, located under the upper deck, both the upper and lower bowls are your standard metal benches. If metal benches are not your preference, you can pick up a temporary seat cushion and chair back before the game for an additional fee.

The visitors sideline is the east side of the stadium, located in front of sections 25 through 32. However, West Point is a little different when compared to most college football configurations since they keep their students (cadets) on the away side of the stadium. So sections 25 through 28 are not sold to the general public.

Here at Porky’s Tickets, our favorite sections to sit in would be U-12 or U-13. Located in the upper level you have a midfield, bird’s eye view of not only the stadium but the Hudson Valley. It is one of the best scenes in college football on a fall day. If you’re looking for the lower bowl, Sections 12 and 13 are fantastic behind the Black Knights bench. If you want the insurance of being shielded from the elements, look for seats from sections 9 through 16 starting at rows OO or above as they will shield you from any of the elements due to the overhang from the upper level. If you want to sit on the away side of the field, section 29 will be as close to midfield as you can get, but keep in mind the cadets do stand all game, so there is a possibility of blocking some of your view for game action on the north side of the stadium.

The Kimsey Club is a climate controlled area that is above sections 1 through 5 and your ticket must have a “KC” stamp for you to be granted access to it. Kimsey Club seating is general admission access and first come first served for seats and tables located in the club. Food and non-alcoholic beverages are complimentary with Kimsey Club access, while alcohol is available for purchase.

If you take one tip from this blog today when searching for Army West Point football tickets, it is going to be to AVOID any rows in the lower level labeled A, B or C as they are considered obstructed view due to the constant foot traffic from the walkway in front of them.

Activities: West Point has several traditions for fans to attend before kickoff that highlight the services academy. Weather permitting, the cadet review takes place on “The Plain” three hours prior to kickoff. The review is a full dressed cadet parade.

Black Knights Alley, which is located between the East Stands of Michie Stadium and the Lusk Reservoir is open for pre-game and has food, alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages for purchase, merchandise, music and interactive experiences with members of the West Point Athletics community.

Probably the most popular activity of the day takes place about 10 minutes before kickoff. Weather permitting, the Army’s parachute team will jump from helicopters flying above Michie Stadium and deliver the game ball after landing on Blaik Field.
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