Review: The Audi Club at Yankee Stadium

Yankee Stadium has already seen it’s fair share of renovations since opening its doors in 2009. Over time, the “House that Steinbrenner Built” has been flushed with premium seating, clubs, terraces and lounges that give any baseball fan a variety of ways of taking in a game. Fans looking for the all inclusive experience are well versed in the swanky Champions and Legends Suites, which offer unlimited food and beverages while providing views of the action an arms length away from the field. However, there is a lesser known area away from the field tucked in the corner of the SAP Suite Level down the third base line known as The Audi Club. The Audi Club provides sweeping views of the stadium with a fully stocked bar, tables for dinner reservations, and three rows of horse track seating where you can sit and enjoy a full buffet while watching the game from inside the climate controlled area.

How can you experience the Audi Club?

First and foremost, you need a ticket, which can be found for any New York Yankees game here! On game day, you can enter through any of the entrances to Yankee Stadium, but the true Audi Club experience starts when you get to gate 6, enter through a private lobby, and take the elevator to the Sap Suite level of the stadium. After exiting you’ll be greeted by a member of the Audi Club staff that will verify your tickets, give you a wristband for in-and-out access to the club, and will walk you to your seats. You’ll have personal in-seat wait service for any drink requests, alcoholic or non-alcoholic. This wait service continues throughout the night and you can help yourself to an all inclusive buffet. The start time for each game does determine what food you’ll see at the stations. For example, at afternoon games, one will often see a mixture of breakfast and lunch items such as French toast, eggs, pancakes, ballpark fare and a carving station. Evening games will have a dinner taste with a gourmet salad station, carving stations and rotating menu of different meats and side dishes. Regardless of the start time, the club offers a seafood station for personalized sushi and other filet dishes. Snacks such as popcorn, cracker jacks and even a fruit stand are always readily available. It wouldn’t be an all inclusive buffet experience without dessert and The Audi Club includes a great assortment of chocolate-dipped fruits, fine cakes, cookies, and plenty of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

Can I experience The Audi Club if I want to sit somewhere else in the stadium?

The answer is YES! You can purchase the a la carte dining experience for an additional fee (paid while in The Club). When searching for other seats in the ballpark, it is very important to make sure you look for listings that specifically say “Audi Club Access” in the note section. Even with a dining reservation, you will be denied access to The Audi Club if your ticket doesn’t allow for club access. Each game has two seating times. You can book your reservation by using Open Table and selecting the date and time of your game of choice, as well as the number of people in your party. Be sure to note that the a la carte dining experience does not provide a view of the game.

What if I don’t want food and just to want to get in The Audi Club?

The Audi Club does have a fully stocked cash bar with seating that doesn’t require a reservation. All you need is a game ticket with Audi Club access to enter. When at the bar, you can enjoy the game on large TV screens and the ability to order ballpark fare if desired.
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